Putting brands front-of-bar, and front-of-mind

In licensed premises, 80% of spending decisions are made at the point of purchase; the front of the bar.

We've created innovative rubber mats that present a range of brands in a highly visible way, at the critical moment of purchase.

The stylish mat system has the flexibility (no pun intended) to highlight individual products or combination of brands, and the ability to support specific promotions.

It also enables cross-promotion with other brands - mixers for spirits, for example - with the added potential of being used as a self-liquidating ad medium.

Popular with the trade for their aesthetic fit with establishments as diverse as style bars and traditional pubs, the mats are responsible for a marked uplift in sales of the brands they advertise.

Good health!

Highly visible, on-bar bottle opener

Our Coca-cola on bar bottle opener has been one of our biggest successes of the recent years and is another example where having a brand identity at the front of bar has a major benefit.

In this case we designed a polished silver Coca-Cola icon bottle that clamps to the bar and has a built in bottle opener. The outlets loved its combination of style and practical functionality and our client appreciated the presentation of their classic Coke bottle in such an immediately visible way, attracting customers at the very moment of making a purchasing decision.

It was such a strong idea that Coke placed a huge order for the UK market. Proving you can bottle success!