Innovating service levels, as well as products

Successful, long term relationships often rely as much on innovative servicing as developing new products.

Listening carefully to Coca-Cola – a client of 20 years standing – we realised their problems were consistency of brand across all their POS, simplifying ordering for their sales team and competitive pricing for smaller outlets using items in quantities below normal MOQs.

Like all brilliant ideas, the solution was simple.

We used our market knowledge to select key POS items, purchase them at bulk rates and hold them at our own risk for resale to smaller outlets at highly competitive prices.

The items were then presented in a (Dynamic designed) catalogue-style brochure, backed with 48-hour delivery via an electronic ordering system, or by telephone hotline for sales reps without immediate access to the internet.

Stock is actively managed, with new products being introduced to reflect the latest requirements of the various trading channels. So the brochure is updated regularly to maintain its relevance. Now that is what we call service.