Hot sales from imitation fridge

WOW! That was the reaction to the sales uplift of Coca-Cola soft drinks in a major pub group.

Coca-Cola – a client of ours for 20 years – found that their range was losing visibility amongst the jungle of competing products in the back bar area.

We realised that customers instinctively look to the fridge, to inform their purchasing decision. So we designed a one-bottle-deep, mini fridge to sit on the counter top at eye level. We also gave the unit a mirrored back to increase the perceived volume of the display.

The client found the fridges added a chilled, contemporary edge to their bars and immediately began installing them in a wide number of outlets.

Coca-Cola found the fridges were an outstanding return on investment at under £50 per unit, including our concept work, 3D visuals, engineering/CAD drawings and final manufacture.

How cool is that?