Three, two, one... it's Coke time

To set pulses racing about Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the London games, we've created an Olympic Countdown kiosk for Coke's UK offices, factories and key customer sites.

With a conveniently small footprint, the kiosks feature elegant metal displays with countdown clocks and integral TVs, DVDs, internet streaming live information and games consoles for entertainment.

The kiosk is micro-skinned and includes a metal-rimmed front face for easy changes of graphics. The clock is also resettable; making the unit re-useable for future events.

Tight deadlines meant the race was on. The kiosks were designed, manufactured and installed across the UK (and Dublin) in just 12 weeks, complete with training manuals and technical support - in time for the 2010 Winter Games.

We were able to leverage our special relationship with overseas manufacturing partners to reduce the total cost by as much as 66%.

So now Coke is ready and set to go!