McVitie's sales promotion takes the biscuit

Promoting sales is what we do.

Working closely with United Biscuits and their agency, we devised a vehicle for boosting sales, heightening brand loyalty and taking McVitie's brand identity into the home.

We created a tin in the image of a pack of biscuits, with a promotion that could be redeemed instantly, in store.

We identified a manufacturer and audited them for compliance, in line with our CSR policy and best practice. Our management team then oversaw independent product testing in batches and full production at the Chinese factory.

Meanwhile, we also went on to design highly effective, free-standing floor displays to advertise the promotion in-store.

In just 12 weeks almost 200,000 tins were produced and delivered, under McVitie's specific distribution requirements, to every major retail group in Ireland.


McVitie's V.I.P Club

When McVities were looking for a partner to provide handling and fulfilment services for their V.I.P Club they chose Dynamic.

We proved to be low cost, reliable and responsive. Our handling and fulfilment service sourced or delivered mugs, sports bottles, shopping bags, biscuit tins, tea sets and travel mugs on behalf of McVitie's V.I.P Club items.