The SandWedge – for vertically mobile sandwich sales

At Dynamic, we don't just respond to client requests or solve the issues they could face in the future. We act dynamically to gain competitive advantage for our clients.

The SandWedge is a case in point. Patented by Dynamic, the SandWedge is the result of a design team evaluation of the way pre-packed sandwiches are sold. We discovered that shelf numbers could be increased if sandwiches could be merchandised vertically.

We produced CAD drawings, renderings and rapid prototypes for presentation to key customers, before investing in tooling. Then we made clever, injection moulded wedges that stacked vertically, with graphic surfaces for displaying ingredients or carrying brand or promotional messages like meal deals or – for example – a book-related offer within WH Smith.

Leading sandwich retailers have bought into the idea of the SandWedge – as an idea that stacks up, it's the best thing since sliced bread.