Redesigning Unilever’s ice cream kiosks and trailers
from the ground up

As a company we have many years of experience in specialist logistics and the installation and maintenance of outdoor assets. In 2018 we teamed up with Unilever to manage their fleet of premium ice cream kiosks and vehicles. It quickly became apparent that the equipment being used in the field was not entirely fit for purpose. Having identified shortfalls in several areas we decided to approach the Unilever team with a concept designed to overcome all of the issues the existing range of kiosks were experiencing.

  • 10

    Kiosks manufactured
    in 2020

  • 005

    Launch brands

  • 62%

    Lifetime cost

  • 10

    Year structural


Identify the issues, design for the real world

The brief for this project was set internally in response to feedback
from outlets using the incumbent kiosks and trailers, as well as our
own experience of storing, transporting, installing and maintaining
the units. As with any proactive project, our ultimate goal was to
develop a solution that addressed all of the technical and logistical
problems, maximised any creative opportunities for the marketing
team, and delivered a measurable cost saving for the client through
value engineering or increasing the useful life of the product.

dynamic merchandise


Function, durability, branding, and installation

This project presented a plethora of design challenges. The
solution needed to be efficient to store when not in use, easy
to transport, and safe to install by a small team. The units needed
to be weatherproofed to a level that could resist the UK climate,
preventing rusting and water ingress. The internal layout needed
to be resolved to suit the full range of chillers and cabinets used
by each brand, and the standard of fit and finish needed to be
improved significantly. Finally, the kiosks needed to be
economical and simple to rebrand.

dynamic merchandise


Designed and
manufactured for
the UK climate

The solution focused on developing a universal base unit with a flexible internal layout, to which a range of accessories could be attached to mimic the various vehicles and trailers it was to replace. The feature packed kiosks were constructed using a high-quality range of standardised parts and wrapped using easy to update vinyl graphics. The units were engineered to solve all logistical inefficiencies, be simple to clean and maintain, and offer unrivalled durability for the same initial financial outlay as Unilever’s existing assets.



A quality modular system suitable for a range of brands

The modular design received unanimous praise. Following a very successful technical trial of the first production unit, Unilever ordered a fleet of kiosks base units for the upcoming season, with each one then styled and branded to suit a different ice cream marque.

  • 10

    Kiosks made

  • 05

    Launch brands

  • 62%

    Cost saving

  • 10

    Year guarantee

The joined-up thinking and meticulous attention to detail Dynamic paid to the design and manufacture of the kiosks really shone through in the quality of the units, and how easy they were to store, transport and rebrand.

Technical Officer | Unilever Food Solutions


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