• 99.8%

    Parcels delivered
    on time

  • 500,000

    POS and product orders
    fulfilled per year

  • 12

    Distribution and
    logistics partners

  • 98%

    Recyclable packaging
    material usage

POS Fulfilment

We adapt our POS fulfilment service to suit your business, not the other
way around. That’s why we’re a preferred fulfilment partner for many of
world’s biggest brands, including Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Kimberley
Clark. We’re able to handle and distribute a complex range of POS,
from the smallest promotional items to large-scale exhibition
equipment. It’s a fully responsive service, with ordering, stock
management, and returns all controlled seamlessly through web-based
customer portals. Meanwhile, our trusted multi-carrier delivery network
guarantees your orders arrive via the most competitive postal tariff.


Product Fulfilment

Whether shipping your product in bulk to outlets or direct to the
consumer, take full advantage of our experience as a leading
product fulfilment specialist by involving us from the start. We’re
here to work with your brand team to understand the customer
journey, develop fit for purpose packaging, and identify the most
cost-efficient shipping methods for your launch. Our infrastructure
can be configured for any project, from a sterile environment to
package foodstuffs and sanitary products, to a high-output
assembly line for promotional goods not for resale (GNFR).


Print Fulfilment

Let us manage the on-demand print needs of your business. We offer a
full range of services, from the low-volume production of large format
graphics, to the high-volume printing and distribution of POS and
marketing materials. We want your mail-shot or sampling project to
successfully penetrate its target market as much as you do, that’s why
we optimise all delivery data sets before going to press. Using software
developed in-house, we automatically filter erroneous or repeated
fields and non-qualifying addresses to ensure none of your budget
goes to waste.

POS Management
Equipment Installation
                                                      & Support

Contract Packing

Our contract packing capabilities extend to the manual boxing,
bagging, wrapping, kitting, labelling, barcoding, and tagging of
products of any size, as well as the construction and filling of shelf
ready packaging (SRP) and free-standing display units (FSDU) for the
retail environment. We also continue to invest in automated wrapping
machinery capable of delivering a high quality and consistent finish
across large consignments. So, no matter the scale or deadline of
your activation, we have the capacity and flexibility to meet the demand.

Equipment Installation
                                                      & Support

By thinking ‘about the box’ as well as ‘outside the box’
Dynamic were able to reduce the postage and material
costs of our sampling program by 20%. We reached a
further 10,000 consumers with the same budget.

Senior Brand Manager | Kimberly Clark


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Explore our approach


Explore our approach...

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