A creative solution to
maximise charitable
consumer engagement

Heinz challenged us to design and manufacture 30 ‘laughing cans’ to
support a charitable on pack promotion. The winning units needed to be
indecipherable in the retail environment, demonstrating the same
physical properties of a regular can of product, and lay dormant until
called upon to deliver a prize-giving burst of audible laughter when a
lucky consumer peeled back the lid. An ingenious design, realised
through advanced 3D printing techniques and a bespoke, light activated
circuit design ensured the promotion really brought the house down.

  • 15%

    Cost saving
    versus budget

  • 30

    winning cans

  • 100%

    success rate

  • 117

    Individual product


Adding theatre to an
on pack promotion

Heinz, in conjunction with Comic Relief asked us to add an element of
theatre to their charitable on pack promotion. Consumers were given the
chance to win a luxury holiday by purchasing a limited-edition can of
baked beans. Rather than opening a can of beans, the lucky winners
would be opening a can of audible laughter, with the sound filling the
room when the lid was peeled, and thus providing the ultimate surprise
and delight moment. The client required 30 units to be designed,
manufactured, tested and ready for retail within 8 weeks, whilst keeping
the unit cost as low as possible so as to maximise the charitable contribution.

dynamic merchandise


The winning cans must
avoid detection

This was a very complex and layered brief. We needed to develop a reliable
mechanism to trigger the canned laughter sound effect when the consumer
opened the can, and to prevent this from being activated prematurely. In
order to avoid detection in the retail environment, the winning cans needed
to mirror the precise characteristics of a regular can, weighing, shaking,
and scanning in the exact same way as the products sitting either side on the
supermarket shelf. In addition, the solution needed to be able to pass
through the canning plant and labelling machines at the Heinz factory.

dynamic merchandise


Smart electronics and
3D printing combine to
create the illusion

On the back of developing a range of prototypes, our product design
team selected a light activated circuit as the most reliable method to
trigger the canned laughter. Utilising the recent advances in 3D,
printing technology, we designed a bespoke unit to house the
electronics, and incorporated a sealed compartment containing a safe,
stable liquid that delivered the perfect ‘shake’. Finally, to maintain the
integrity of the competition we arranged for an independent
adjudicator to witness the final assembly of the winning cans.



Peel back the ring
pull, we have a

Put simply, a 100% success rate. Heinz and Comic relief
got the functionality and mechanism to deliver their
promotion on time and under budget, and all 30 lucky
competition winners got a truly memorable moment.
The promotion has subsequently been repeated.

  • 15%

    Cost saving

  • 30

    Winning cans

  • 100%

    Success rate

  • 117


Dynamic handled what turned out to be quite a fluid brief
from the client with aplomb. Their design packed all of
the required features (and more) and came in under
budget! We can’t recommend them enough.

Project Leader | Heinz’s Marketing Agency


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